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Offering An Epic Adventure

At Comics, Cards, Collectibles, & Chaos, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a delightful experience and provide unparalleled customer service . We strive to make everyone who visits our store feel like friends and family. We are committed to ensuring that every customer transaction is an unforgettable memory with the hopes that each and every patron will be a lifelong part of our business.


Ever since we’ve founded our store in 2021, we had one goal in mind: provide an excess of quantity and quality of service beyond what is expected of us. During our journey of entrepreneurship, we are devoted to this mission and obligated to never lose sight of that vision. As every adventurer knows, it’s not about the rewards at the end of the quest, but the journey you took to get there.


Get in touch with us to learn more about our store and share in our quest! 


I am Clifton Johnston, owner of C4 Entertainment, and my love for comics began when I was a young child. I was mesmerized and intrigued by the stoic, space-wandering Silver Surfer, and I was inspired and emboldened by the willpower of the great Green Lantern Hal Jordan. I was immersed in the pages of comic books and the stories that help grew my imagination. As an adult, I am more a fan now than ever of the creativity and artistry of comics, science, games, and all things fantasy genre.

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